A Hiatus

Dear loyal readers:  

After nearly three years of blogging at American Healthcare, I’m fresh out of inspiration.   It’s time for a several-month break and for a chance to consider things other than capitation, management and healthcare policy.

I’ll still be writing though:  for the past couple of months I’ve been puttering on a manuscript that I hope to get published in late 2017.  This book will be a work of nonfiction, an adaptation of a blog I maintained while working as an emergency physician overseas.

My two professional passions have always been healthcare policy/ management and global health/ tropical medicine.  As a younger doctor I studied tropical medicine, disaster medicine and public health before completing a global health fellowship based in the developing world.  I haven’t used this knowledge much over recent years, and miss it.  I’m excited to return to my roots for the next several months.

Let’s see what kind of writing emerges: I’m not a trained writer by any means, but was inspired by an interview with the author Cheryl Strayed, who noted:

Success in the arts can be measured only by your ability to say yes to this question: “Did I do the work I needed to do, and did I do it like a motherfucker?”  



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