MD Munk

Marc-David Munk, MD

I’m a physician who has spent the the recent part of my career leading innovative healthcare companies.  Earlier in my career I worked as an associate professor and academic emergency physician.

American Healthcare began, in 2014.  In 2015 the blog was a finalist for the NIHCM’s digital media award.

Capitated and risk-bearing contracts are going to be what rescue the US healthcare system.  In fact, I don’t believe that any real reform is possible until the payment model properly aligns interests and allows for innovation to be funded.  This is where capitation excels.  I write primarily about the nuances of risk-bearing healthcare, but also write about larger social trends and what they might mean for the business of medicine.

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I’m excited to spend 2017-2019 as a an entrepreneur in residence at the Harvard Innovation Lab.  I look forward to meeting with any member of the university community who’s like to chat about innovation in healthcare.  You can sign up here.


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