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Swiss Flight 188, the Normalization of Deviance and a Better Way to Communicate: Lessons for Healthcare Leaders

I recently came across some captivating footage of a Swiss Airlines flight crew dealing with the unexpected loss of an engine.  Watch this- you won’t be able to take your eyes off this smooth, competent crew.  

A Few Thoughts on “Culture” in Healthcare

The big news in Boston healthcare last week was the announcement that Tufts and Boston University Medical Centers were calling off their proposed merger.  The Boston Globe wrote:  Although they did not specify why the deal fell apart, the hospitals were apparently unable to overcome differences in culture, mission, and strategies for the future, analysts ...

“Physician Alignment” Payments Won’t Fix Broken Healthcare Delivery Systems. Considering a New Path Forward.

A colleague at a hospital-based health system recently told me about “physician alignment” initiatives his employer was introducing. These included “co-management” deals (where doctors get per-patient incentives for on-time discharges, and high quality scores) and new salary models that adjusted based on various metrics. At the same time, he noted, his hospital was laying off ...