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Risk-Bearing Contracts Are Pushing Health Systems Into Adjacent Areas of Business– With New Back Office Needs

An recent interesting HBR blog discusses what I think is an important lesson for health systems migrating to risk-bearing insurance contracts.

Healthcare Innovation is Happening in the “Valleys” Between Episodes of Illness

A few years ago (likely when the idea of paying for “bundles” of care came into fashion) somebody introduced the concept of patients and healthcare delivery systems interfacing in an “episodic” fashion. Roughly speaking, the idea was that patients interact with the healthcare system for defined periods of time as they become sick and that these “episodes” are interspersed ...

Learning from Adjacent Industries: What Apple Computer Can Teach Healthcare

Last week Apple introduced its newest product, the Apple Watch. According to BusinessWeek, Apple spent years researching watches before deciding to build one. The company flew watch historians to California and they worked to understand how wristwatches have traditionally been used, and how a new “wrist computer” might work. They have hired leaders from diverse ...