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Healthcare’s Halo Effect: Lessons from Poland Spring, Maine

This week, after 5 years of happily bubbling in the corner of our kitchen, our five gallon Poland Spring spring water dispenser is headed back to Maine.  We’ve ended our contract, bought a water filter and are going to be happily drinking tap water from now on. What’s funny is that we’ve never really had ...

Switching Costs are Slowing Consumer Adoption of Healthcare Innovation

Healthcare seems ripe for disruption by new entrants, and there has been no shortage of trying.  According to a recent report published by PWC’s cbInsights, healthcare was the second largest US sector for investors in 2017, knocking the mobile and telecom sector into third place. It’s not hard to understand investor interest in the healthcare space. ...

Segmenting Healthcare: What’s Your Customer’s Currency?

Over the past few years, I’ve spent a lot of time speculating about the emergence of consumer segmentation in the US healthcare market. As background, here are the three main conclusions drawn from previous posts:

On Feedback Loops and the Selective Amplification of Random Healthcare Data

Here, within six minutes of one another, are two tweets on the subject of Amazon’s fourth quarter results, one from CNN and one from the WSJ:

Swiss Flight 188, the Normalization of Deviance and a Better Way to Communicate: Lessons for Healthcare Leaders

I recently came across some captivating footage of a Swiss Airlines flight crew dealing with the unexpected loss of an engine.  Watch this- you won’t be able to take your eyes off this smooth, competent crew.  

Can “Agile Teams” Reform Healthcare Systems?

I recently had lunch with an experienced physician executive from a large academic medical center.  He told me that his organization was trying to migrate from fee-for-service to risk, and that management had appointed a bunch of large committees to oversee everything from a new cost accounting system to the development of multiple external partnerships.  

A Few Thoughts on “Culture” in Healthcare

The big news in Boston healthcare last week was the announcement that Tufts and Boston University Medical Centers were calling off their proposed merger.  The Boston Globe wrote:  Although they did not specify why the deal fell apart, the hospitals were apparently unable to overcome differences in culture, mission, and strategies for the future, analysts ...