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Structure Follows Strategy: What’s the Best Organizational Model for Capitated Healthcare Systems?

“Structure follows strategy” is an old business motto coined by the business historian Alfred Chandler. The adage refers to Chandler’s observation that organizational structures should change to reflect an organization’s evolving corporate strategy. As strategy evolves, so too should the organizational structure. 


Downed Airliners, the GM Debacle and the Real Danger of Groupthink in Large Organizations

The scenario plays out something like this:  an organization pulls together a team of people to work in a stressful environment.  The team coalesces and after some time a shared set of norms emerges. Everyone begins to do things the same way.  When narratives outside this shared experience emerge, the group closes its ears and marginalizes the outside ...

Healthcare Mergers are the End of the Beginning: Some Lessons From the US Airline Business

There has been a lot of recent discussion about the value of large healthcare mergers, such as Partners ongoing acquisitions in the Boston area and the recent large merger between Baylor and Scott & White in Texas.  Supporters argue that these create better integration of care and economies of scale.  Opponents argue that these deals ultimately drive up costs, ...